Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Viva la America???

Europeans vs. Americans

                 It's interesting to see how one world can be so different. Here we have so many different countries who instill different morals, religions, values, customs and even opinions.
                 I don't know about all europeans, but one way europeans and americans are different lies in the way we live life. In america, of course we have what all desire, freedom. While in America, we are more free to say, " I don't give a damn" <--- and this certainly does come back to bite us in the butt, in other parts of the world (not just Europe) people consider others thoughts more closely, and truly show more emotion towards opinions other than their own.
                There are certainly aspects of life that are lived differently depending on where you live.   This is seen in the way we interact, raise children, go to school, work, and think.
                I personally believe, we have way to many therapists in this country. This is because America is more 'educated' (very controversial) and invested on emotions. We tend to think a lot about the psychological aspect of our actions and emotions. This may make the states either intelligent, or weak.. depending on your point of view.
                The way people interact also varies from country to country. We tend to hide our intentions, while others are very blunt and don't stray too far from what they really feel or think. In other parts of the world, nothing is sacred... if something needs to be said, it is said.   
                While, face it, we tend to sugar coat things.. and avoid certain topics or words. This is due to the fact that psychologically (see what i mean about always thinking about the psychological aspect?)  we think of ourselves as more civilized, and want to avoid using 'vulgarity'.
                 And lets admit it, we tend to be less grateful... while you complain about losing your phone this week because you were grounded, others have never seen a phone in their lives and instead rely on a rooster as their morning alarm. And although I could go on about this forever, this has to end sometime.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. This mostly refers to Europeans and Americans specifically because I am European, and currently living in NYC.

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  1. Go to Asia, specifically Japan and you will have a whole new aspect of how different other countries are. I became addicted to the way Japanese people think. It's not all about ME ME ME like in Europe (and maybe America), but WE WE WE.

    You want to get off a bus which is both exit and entrance, you will see people making way for you to exit. People are polite and they have a way of life which says: Only do what it comfortable for you as well as for others! It's NOT: only treat others like you want to be treated BUT it's: Don't treat others like you don't want to be treated..

    I know this is a little off from what you said, but your post made think alot!