Monday, January 16, 2012

Interesting Inventions

     The world is constantly changing as new innovations are made every day by brilliant minds to make life easier and more efficient. So here is a list I put together of a few interesting inventions I came across.

Who doesn't love pizza? But cutting it with the pizza wheel can be a hassle, well the scizza will make cutting pizza easier and maybe even a little enjoyable!! You can find it here!

 The glo Pillow:
 The glo pillow uses light instead of sound to wake the user making your waking process natural and your sleep healthier.


Tapi: Tapi by Dreamfarm allows you to instantly transform your sink into a water fountain. You can find it here!

The True Clean Towel:  
It allows you to know what part of the towel to use to dry your body so that you don’t end up drying your hair with the part of the towel you dried you butt with yesterday.

 The Laser Scissors:  Cutting straight just seems impossible but with the laser scissors you will be able to cut a straight line every time. You can find it here!


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