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Downton Abbey 

   The best way to describe the Golden Globe and Emmy Award winner, Downton Abbey is ADDICTING. This British drama starring Michelle Dockery and Dan Stevens, follows the lives of an aristocratic family and their servants at their manor, Downton Abbey, during the Edwardian Era. Shot at the gorgeous location of HighClere Castle in Yorkshire, England... we are drawn by the different relationships, schemes and mysteries. The second season premiered January 8 at 9pm here in the U.S on PBS. Check it out! It's definitely something to look forward to! So if you have time to waste, log off of FB and watch Downton Abbey! Check your local listings!

Vampire Diaries

      Are you bloodthirsty yet? I sure am. Dive into this series full of blood, gore, revenge, love and mystery. These gorgeous vampires give you something to look forward to every week. On every Thursday at 8pm on the CW, this series follows the life of teenager Elena Gilbert, her ruthless doppelgänger, her 'boyfriend' Stefan, Damon, her ghost-seeing brother Jeremy, her vampire hunter guardian and her best friends Bonnie and Caroline (witch and vampire). Go figure. Mystic Falls is a whole other world. A world I would die to be a part of that is. Want to catch up on your VD? Check it out here. You won't want to stop. Be ready to begin a whole new obsession.

The Secret Circle

      Also playing on CW, right after you get your VD fix, is The Secret Circle. A charming series that takes you to the small town of Chance Harbor. A town that Cassie Blake (played by Britt Robertson) only recently moves into. A town that she slowly unravels the SECRETS of. The secrets of her family history, and of her OWN life. This newfound witch finds that she has a lot more to worry about than homesickness. Her and her circle must learn, practice and protect their magic and the people they love. Will there be any left to  protect in the end? Well... come on, you have to check it out!!! I wonder... how long is the drive from Mystic Falls to Chance Harbor....?

The Lying Game

         Do you want to play a game? Well... play it on Mondays at 9pm HERE...!!! The Lying Game is a series filled with suspense and mystery! Following the life of Emma and her (kinda) evil twin sister Sutton, the show is full of secrets as the two sisters search for the truth about their REAL family. Both adopted into different lifestyles, they are very much different. Although, they do share the same quest... for the facts. Emma- a poor girl who has never really had much of anything and so desperately needs a family, and Sutton- a spoiled girl who has everything and is so willing to give it all up to go on any frantic search that could prove her parents wrong. When these sisters switch places, the impossible happens. The girls learn what it really means to be SISTERS.



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