Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

First off, I want to begin by thanking Lauryn over at Bracelets and Bangles for  nominating me for this incredible award. She is so amazing and such a doll! This is really awesome that I'm getting to do this... so here it is. So for those of you who don't really know how this works:

With this awesome award I get to do three things:

1. Give this award to 10 of my favorite blogs
2. Tell you guys seven facts about myself
3. Brag about it 

So here is to my 10 favorite blogs of the moment- love you guys!

Ok, so now that thats done... I am going to reveal seven facts about myself (totally random and probably worthless) . 

1. I'm almost ambidextrous, I used to be obsessed with learning how to write with both hands, 
and ever since then my left and right hand have had very close reflex times. 

2. I'm a bibliophil at heart, and I always will be... Ever since I was younger, I have always had a thing for books and this has turned me into a speed reader (and a fast talker)...

3. I have very strong views and am always picking for an argument on anything... controversial or not. (I will disagree with someone, just for the sake of starting a real, in-depth argument on our views) 

4. Online shopping is the best kind of shopping... 

5. My favorite preposition is BEYOND, and my favorite punctuation mark is the semicolon ; this is only because most people don't know how to use it and I feel smart whenever I try to explain it. 

6. I am in love with traveling and the idea of living in different countries around the world.. I adore languages & cultures. ( Oh, and despite the blog title, I am not british... this is just an example of my adoration for other countries, I know... weird right? In fact, I live in the US... but its not where I was born) 

7. Seven is actually my favorite number, so that makes this fact my favorite. 


  1. sweetieee,, awww thank you soo much. i am so excited! i am new in blogging and you really made my day! i used to wonder if someone gives me the versatile blogger award for me. and you give me this amazing award. thank you dear. it means the world for me.
    im your new follower dear. kisses

  2. Thank you so much Jadina! I feel so honored. :D This really is very sweet of you!! I posted about it on my blog's Facebook page because I was so pumped.


  3. Congratulations on your award and also for including myself too! Totally floored & truly honoured!

    Thank you so so much for stopping by too! I was just in the midst of getting round to posting about awards and like you I love books and reading too!

    I like your inventions list! I suffer from insonmia so the mr. purchased a pillow with speakers... you can attach your ipod/mp3 player to it and it plays music to your ears! Brilliant no?


  4. Olá... gostei muito do blog
    Vou seguir, me segue também?


    beijo com carinho

  5. hi sweetie,
    i gave you a stylish blogger award on my blog because i think you are a stylish person. i hope you like it.

  6. thanks! :) I like your blog and follow you now! :)

  7. Congrats on your award! I'm new to blogging and I'm having a giveaway. Check out my blog if you are interested. I am going to follow you, hope you return the follow =)


  8. hey thanks for the mention! Glad you like england sweetie! haha x

  9. congrats you deserve it ! :) really nice blog! Greets from Ireland! x Marina

    1. Aaaaaahhh... Ireland! Another one of my weird country obsessions! hahaha Thank you love :) . It means a lot. XOXOXO

  10. Congratulations to the winners! :D
    I aggree with you about traveling! I'd love to travel all over the world and meet different people and coultures! :-)))

    KIsses xx

  11. Seriously you are such a doll for doing this! Oh, and online shopping is the ONLY way to shop in my mind :)


  12. congrats...and very interesting and funyn facts. :))
    Much love, Gabriele. xx I am following you!!

    P.S - follow me on GFC or bloglovin'? :)

  13. awww thank you doll :) ill post about it soon and
    link back to you thanks !! ♥♥

  14. thanks for the lovely comment !
    I'm following you now! :)
    care to follow back,
    wait up for more upcoming post about adam! he's superrbbb hot, rite? :)

  15. awww thank you so much! :) xxx