Monday, February 6, 2012

Book Review- Catching Fire

   After reading the first book to the Hunger Games, (and LOVING it) I rushed out and bought Catching Fire. OK... 3 words. Really incredibly amazing. (If that makes any sense). Enough Said. This book was really good. It totally lived up to my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone willing to start a new series.. this series is GOOD! And trust me after the movie is out, you're going to have that inner conflict with yourself. Oh, you know what I'm talking about. The, "Should I read the book first?" "Huh, I probably should" "But that will take to long!" "What if I don't like it?" "Should I just watch the movie?" "But then I won't EVER be able to read the book." I told you you know what I'm talking about. So here, Ill make it easier on you. READ THE BOOKS. ok...So now that I'm done trying to persuade you into something... Im going to go into more details.. So if you  haven't read the books. STOP READING. Unless you don't care. In that case, be my guest. So anyway, this book specifically was really good, although I'm made that Katniss didn't run away like she said she was going to. Although is it just me or is this book starting to get eerily very similar to the Uglies series. Oh well, anyway... i'm also very conflicted about the whole Peeta & Katniss/ Gale & Katniss thing. I have like a love/hate relationship with both. I could make a pros cons list for you if you'd like. And since, i really don't know what you like...Im going to do it anyway. 

Peeta & Katniss:

Pros:                                                     Cons:
-So sweet                                               -Peeta is really weak
-Have gone through a lot                        -Feeling is not necessarily mutual
-Very protective of one another               -Gale will always get his feelings hurt
-Really easy to just accept

Gale & Katniss:

Pros:                                                     Cons:
-So cute                                              -Gale is a criminal
-Best friends since birth                       -Everyone thinks he's her cousin
-Very much like a team                       -They will have to run away
-He has remained loyal
to her, no matter what
-Feeling is mutual

Well... That was my pathetic attempt at that. I did it for you, so you better have enjoyed it. 

So anyway, enough of that. Go read the books...!!!

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