Sunday, February 19, 2012

10 Travel Must-Haves

Ok, so this is for any semi-nomadics or even new travelers. Oh, and this list does not include the ESSENTIAL ESSENTIALS such as documents, suitcase, bag... etc. Those are a given.  This list is made up of ten items that are essential for survival. Ok, maybe not. But still. Here you go!

1. Entertainment
            This can be anything from a new favorite or anticipated book (CHECK OUT MY BOOK REVIEWS HERE!) a magazine, or a cool gadget. Having something to do takes your mind of of any long duration flights or car rides. It also works to calm and soothe and reduces nausea. Having any type of music player is also very useful... listening to music is a great and fun way to kill time.

2. Comfortable Shoes
       The LAST thing you want to do when traveling is to decide that you want to bring 3 pairs of stilettos on your trip. That is not the way to go. I get it. You wanna look cute. Guess what? Nobody cares. You need to make sure you are comfortable... trust me you will probably look like hell anyway (I know I do), you are NOT going to be focused on your footwear. If you have somewhere VERY VERY important to be right after you arrive, and you MUST wear really uncomfortable high heels, then bring BACK UP. I would definitely recommend bringing flats or flip flops with you and putting them into a big bag. Spare Soles are also a good idea, anything portable and easy to carry is great.

3. Emergency Toiletries
         This is very helpful during any emergency situation, but i didn't know the exact terminology for it so i used TOILETRIES. But, in this section I include such things:

-Wet Wipes
-Hand Sanitizer
-Travel Size: toothbrush & toothpaste
-Dry Napkins
-Lip Balm
-And I'm going to be really weird and also say band-aids.

And other such small items... All of these items can fit into a small compact bag great for throwing it into your purse for emergencies.

4. Digital Camera
      This is technically not a NECESSITY. However, I do recommend that everyone bring a camera on any trip. Memories are important and as much as everyone loves living in the moment... the second the trip is over, you will regret the fact that you have no pictures to share with family or friends. But, if this is something that is simply to much of a hassle to carry around. (I understand, there are too many cables, plugs, cases... yadayada that have to be taken care of. Plus, theres always the risk of losing your camera) Anyway, if this is not on your
top ten list. The next item(s) on our list will make up for it.

5. Pen & Paper
     A journal or any paper and writing utensil is a very good thing to have with you just in case you have no other way of recording memories or sharing thoughts. Usually if your traveling alone and in a foreign country, you may find yourself longing to communicate or express yourself in your language. This is where a journal comes in. Keeping a travel journal is also a great way to

6. Insect Repellent & Sunscreen
     This is one of those obvious ones. But just in case you were going to forget, Im glad I could be here to remind you of its importance. During any vacations where you plan on going to the beach, sunscreen is a MUST. It prevents premature wrinkles, skin cancer and sun burns. Even if you don't plan on going to the beach, i would HIGHLY recommend dabbing on some sunscreen before going outside. Same goes for the insect repellent. It is essential. Especially to humid or third world countries. It will prevent a lot of annoying rashes and bites that could have otherwise been avoided.

7. USB Flash Drive
   To some the idea of bringing a USB flash Drive with them on vacation may seem ridiculous but it can be a real life saver. Your camera's memory won't ever be full and you'll never miss a moment. Especially with Americans, who are used to having their computer at home with them 24 seven.. when traveling to a foreign country, having such a small portable item that you can save your entire computer too is very useful. Even on business trips, this is clearly a must... you can keep all documents and such all on one device. Its also pretty inexpensive here in the USA so I do recommend investing in one. ;) 

8. A Scarf
  Do this is great for when deciding your outfit, a scarf is a very cute accessory that can be a big help. During long plane rides, it usually can get pretty cold... BAM! you have a handy scarf to throw around yourself to keep you warm... seems pretty simple but is very useful! It can lightweight as well... just as long as you have the comfort of a nice warm scarf on a nauseatingly long and cold plane ride. This has certainly come in handy... good times. good times...

9. Foreign Currency
  Ok.. Scenario time. Your at a nice little cozy airport... but you are very tire, so luckily you just spotted a cute little cafe where you can have a seat and order something nice. You order the drink of your choice, and are VERY satisfied with the service... when the time comes for you to leave, you realize you have no euros (that was the first thing that came into my head) to pay the guy (or girl) ! OH THE SHAME!!! Well, that can be very easily avoided. You don't need to many, just make sure you have around 5-50 dollars in foreign currency. It will avoid any unwanted situations and make life a hell of a lot easier in any emergencies.

10. Voltage Converters & Travel Adapters
    What's more annoying than bringing your iPod, phone, camera, and laptop and finding our you can't charge (and therefore can not use) all of these devices that you lugged halfway across the world. This is pretty self explanatory yet you would be shocked at how many people actually forget this. Well, at least you won't.

If you have any travel must haves you feel should have been on this list, comment below... and FOLLOW!